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Al-Islah Magazine

About Islah Magazine

2003 – The lack of authentic Islamic newsletter/magazine published periodically for the local community inspired Rabetah Al-Ulama Al- Islamiyyah to create a monthly magazine that is now distributed all over the West Yorkshire area and further a field as well. Under the recommendation of Hadhrat Mufti Musa Badat D.B and other senior Ulama of Rabetah, a monthly newsletter was created which was named Al-Islah (Rectification, Reformation and Purification) with the aim of providing guidance, support and advice for the local community on Islamic matters. The first issue of Al-Islah newsletter was published in August 2003 and was distributed for free in the local Masaajid of Batley, Dewsbury and Heckmondwike. In November 2003, the pages were increased from 4 to 8 pages.

2004 – Al-Islah Evolves into a Magazine In August 2004, Al-Islah became a magazine due to the great interest and demand and was published for free on a bi-monthly basis. Advertisements were added to the publication to cover for the cost of printing and publishing.

2005 – Issue 17 saw an increase of pages and the magazine was structured with dedicated pages for women and children. Furthermore, Al-Islah became a full-coloured magazine as the demand and popularity of Al-Islah grew more widely. The local Ulama have always been the main contributors of all the articles with the eminent and senior Ulama such as Hadhrat Mufti Badat Sb, Hadhrat Maulana Abdur Rauf Sb, Hadhrat Maulana Bodiyat Sb, Hadhrat Mufti Yusuf Sacha Sb and Hadhrat Mufti Zakariyyah Akudi Sb sharing their wealth of knowledge on topics such as Tarbiyyah, Tasawwuf, Aqaaid and Fiqh.

2009 – The pages were increased once again to 16 pages. Success of Al-Islah We have a dedicated panel of Ulama at Rabetah responsible for editing, designing and proof reading the articles that are written by the local Ulama and Aapaa. Alhumdulillah, Al-Islah has grown rapidly and is now accessible on the internet through the Rabetah website which includes live up to date Mahr Faatimi and Nisaab of Zakaat information.

2022 – As part of the popularity of Al- Islah, Rabetah has embarked on the following projects: – A children’s website and educational videos. – Facebook page & Twitter – Youtube Channel